Jonny Ouellette

In episode 10, the last episode of season four, I talk with Jonny Ouellette, the co-founder and creative director of the motion design firm, Kill 2 Birds and 2002 graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. We talk about our interactions in the graphic design program at MassArt and our passion for making type move on screen. Jonny shares stories of his client work that involve some of the most watched series and movies in recent years and I dig into our design collaboration on some DVD intros for Aspect Magazine. He also discusses taking that entrepreneurial leap of faith with a friend to start Kill 2 Birds. Additionally, Jonny educates me on some of the industry-specific terminology, like key art, upfonts, MOGRTs, and lower thirds. This episode is full of amazing motion graphics, so be sure to check out the video on Youtube. Let’s do this one more time. Enjoy the show.