Kristie Malivindi

In this first episode of season four of Design Futures I talk with London-based designer Kristie Malivindi of Jones Knowles Ritchie. We discuss her journey from making amazing work and mistakes at the two-person design firm, 2communiqué, to mentoring young designers in her recent role as creative director at JKR, where she works on global brands such as Burger King and M & M’s. We also talk about the in-between years of “being a brat” in Chicago as well as losing her dream design job and the hustle of New York City that led to burnout. We get nostalgic for our time (way back in the 20th century) at Massachusetts College of Art & Design in the graphic design department where I was a grad student and Kristie was an undergrad. And we talk about all the good things in life, like naps, cats, travel, and New York bagels.