Krystal Hinckley

In episode eight I interview 2015 graduate of Russell Sage College and Director of User Experience at Upside Collective, Krystal Hinckley. In our discussion Krystal shares details of working on large-scale websites for the state of New York, including the attorney general’s website that she spent two years working on. She also talks about scrolling through the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society photos for project research that ended with her adopting her third cat. We also discuss our time together at Sage which included a trip to Boston to visit design firms and the Boston Aquarium because that’s what you do when you go to school in Albany. Krystal shares her love of paragraph styles that she gained in high school that led to her interest in the organizing aspects of UX design. And of course we talk about home projects including stripping paint from stairs, putting up wallpaper, as well as getting excited about a new roof and gutters. Now that’s adulthood! Oh yea, cats are mentioned multiple times in this episode. So sit down with your favorite pet friend and have a listen.