Moira Gilligan

In episode five of this season, I talk with 2017 graduate of the College of Saint Rose, Moira Gilligan about her career as a designer and art director in the fashion world. We discuss big budgets, location scouting, and hiring models for fashion shoots. And she educates me in such fashion trends as dressing a goat in a cashmere sweater, chunky white dad sneakers, and high-waisted mom jeans. Speaking of moms and dads, Moira credits her parents with unquestioning support to pursue a creative career. She also tells me about the time she and some college friends went looking for a place to use the Ouija board in the basement of an old residence hall that also happened to have the drawing studios in it. After seeing the drawings in the studio she knew she had to change majors to earn her B.F.A. It’s time to put on that cozy boyfriend sweater, grab a hot beverage, and press play, because this episode is on-trend.