Nael Uppal

Five, four, three, two, one… Happy New Year. In this first episode of 2024 Saint Rose alumni and technical UI designer, Nael Uppal, talks to me about starting a degree in his home country of Pakistan, continuing his education in Albany, NY, and completing his degree back home — it’s called a sandwich degree. Apparently that’s a term. Somewhere in the middle of this culinary delight is some work experience as well. Nael tells us about growing up in a creative family, including hanging out in museums with the older kids in his mom’s art classes. He explains in great detail and clarity the complexity of the development of web and mobile games and his current role at Revolving Games where he works on the user interface side of the process. Nael also talks about the very different experiences of going to school in two different parts of the world. And we learn a little bit of the history and culture of Pakistan. Winter break is over. Time to get listening to episode six of Design Futures.